About Gyotaku Prints


(Japanese, from gyo “fish” + taku “rubbing”)

Growing up with a mother who first attended the Brighton School of Art followed by the British Royal Academy, local artist Harley Van Hyning was inherently interested in artistic endeavors. He took classes throughout childhood and high school but was deterred from pursuing an artistic career. He’s since come full circle, having always kept his creative mindset, eventually finding an outlet in the century-old Japenese art form of Gyotaku.

I read the Destin Log article about your work with Gyotaku. Good stuff. If you are ever in Nashville, maybe you would like to do a demo for our students?

- Cyprus Vatandoost, Executive VP, Nossie College of Art

(The art) is so cool. I've never seen anyone do that before!

- Nicole Gruber

Check out this amazing local artist in Destin! It is all one of a kind!

- Kelsey Marie

Harley Van Hyning